Planned Outage Co-ordination Process

The Planned Outage Co-ordination Process (POCP) was jointly developed by Transpower and other electricity industry participants through a series of industry workshops during 2002/2003. A further series of industry workshops reviewed the POCP and the database in 2006, 2009 and most recently May-Oct 2013.

Under the POCP:

  • asset owners provide data about their planned outages to the POCP database;
  • the System Operator assesses any potential conflict between its Principal Performance Obligations and the planned outage data provided to the POCP database, and publishes the results of its assessment in the POCP database; and
  • any interested Market Participant may view both the planned outage data and the results of the System Operator assessments through the POCP database.
  • Non Market Participants may view the planned outage data by pressing “I Agree”.
  • Registered POCP users may view the full site by pressing “I Agree” and logging in.

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